O autor Terry Simo colocou uma nota de apresentação do seu próximo jogo, Cactus Airforce, actualmente no P500 da GMT:

I know people have been asking for a pure solitaire game for the Downtown/Elusive Victory/Bloody April style of game for a long time. I love role playing elements so you can definitely be sure you will be managing your pilots and aircraft at a detail level not seen in those other games. Cactus Air Force is all about resource management and making those tough decisions. Do I send up a flight of pilots who are heavily fatigued or fighting illness? Do I send up four damaged aircraft or do I salvage one for spare parts and send up three good aircraft? With the card-driven aspect of the game, you will never know (unless playing the historical timeline that is) if that next squadron of 12 aircraft are coming in the next day or the next event is a night bombardment of Henderson field. One of the trademarks of my games is the effort put forth on doing the historical research so I want to make as historically rich an environment as possible in a board game.