Quem vai acompanhando estas coisas dos boardgames não lhe terá escapado a entrevista que o Reiner Knizia deu para o site The Opinionated Gamers. Desta série de perguntas e respostas, destaco a seguinte:

You have designed a lot of games, I think many more games than any other designer. Is there a game designed by others you really would like to have designed yourself? Which and why?

[Reiner] I would like to answer this question in my own way:  I believe that there are many undiscovered games in the universe that are still waiting for me to design them.  This instills a great sense of urgency into me as I know that there are people out there who are trying to steal my ideas before I have even had them…

Malandros!! Roubam-lhe as idéias ainda antes de ele as ter!!! E há quem diga que os espanhóis são egocêntricos!!! LOL

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